Thursday, April 28, 2011

ny export: opus jazz

talk about awesome!
in 1958, the innovative choreographer/director jerome robbins (west side story) created ny export: opus jazz, ("ballet in sneakers"). after performing in a revival of the ballet in 2005, two new york city ballet members found that the dance still spoke about today's urban youth and decided to create a film adaption. the film is short, only 45 minutes, and oozes with that perfect blend of ballet, jazz and contemporary dance that makes you wish you were in the corps. "why the heck didn't i continue dance past the age of 6!!!" biggest. regret. in. life.

check it out!!

some great info on the history of the dance can be found here


interspecies friendships are the best.

 {via a nice blog and reddit}

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

photo book

joanna from cup of jo has been using the products from the new biz, pinhole press (she made her dad this handsome book!). the company offers products galore: photo books, notepads, framed photos, calendars, planners, the works. their designs are simple, modern and clean. and really reasonably priced!

for han's graduation last may, my parents gave us each a copy of a book they made called 'sisters'. they're full of wonderful pictures of us growing up, our family + friends. so fun going through and seeing pictures i hadn't seen in a long time, and some i'd never seen before. a treasha'!

Monday, April 25, 2011

pallet furniture

 what neat ways to use an old pallet! you see so many of them dumped around town, why not fix it up a bit and add some rustica to your home! painting or staining the wood gives it an entirely different style from its original weathered look.

{images 1 + 2 from here, images 3 + 4 from here, all found via designmom}

royal wedding map

the creators over at the house that lars built have designed a series of royal wedding souveniers (you can see them all here). my favorite of their collection is the royal wedding map of the route kate and william will take to westminster. order your own copy as a fun tote bag from their etsy shop!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

happy easter

{used to make these birds nest candies when we were little--yum! found at tip junkie via pinterest}

{too cute! -- secret note eggs from poppy talk found via say yes to hoboken and liz's babble post}

it's beautiful here in asheville today, so to make the most of our easter sunday, lynn and i are going on our second hike of the weekend up to graveyard fields. i've never been but i hear it's not to be missed!

have a fab weekend!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

custom stamps

in honor of mother's day, the paper source is offering 25% off their custom return address stamps. i got one a year ago and love using it! they have so many great fonts and styles, it makes it sort of hard to choose!

sale ends this sunday, april 24!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

homemade granola bars

have you ever made granola bars? this recipe from kitchen simplicity looks totally delish and so easy! they could not look prettier.

{found via creature comforts}

vintage rentals

how totally neat is this?! bay area company, one true love, offers some of the most charming vintage pieces to rent for weddings and events. owner amanda has searched all over, creating her awesome collection of unique chairs, tables, trunks and vases -- i want to plan a party asap using these pretty things!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

emily's collections

i absolutely love emily's post from cupcakes and cashmere today. she went out to shop and came back with nothing. at first feeling a little disappointed, she quickly changed her attitude and looked through the things she already does have and loves.
the collections she has are so chic and pretty...the photos so simply styled...makes me want to go out and start collecting. but what? suppose i already have a pretty impressive cardi colletion...thimbles from when i was little. i need a grown-up collection now. what would be a very cor collection?

7 exercises

tracy anderson and the daily candy teamed up to produce a short video series, each one targeting a different tricky area: butt, outer thighs, love handles, etc.
the moves actually look like fun, so fun i think i may get down on the floor of my office and start bustin' a sweat.

click here for all the moves!

Monday, April 18, 2011

swedish summer dress

this outfit calls my name and reminds me that spring is truly upon us!

Monday, April 11, 2011

wheat grass easter eggs

what a cute spring time/easter craft!
liz does it with wheat grass but i'm sure you can use just about any easy growing indoor seed.

catch the whole tutorial here at momtastic

{found at say yes to hoboken}

inspire lovely

along with everyone who likes to make a pretty presentation for just about anything, i cannot seem to get enough colored baker's twine. this totally cute packaging etsy shop, inspire lovely, carries several different colors in addition to many other fun wrapping and crafting goodies. 
makes me really want to give presents. 

{led there by Ez}

Friday, April 8, 2011

the belle of the biltmore

for those of you who have not had the opportunity to visit asheville and to 'america's largest home' (what a blech catchphrase), the biltmore estate is such a cool experience. the estate is 8,000 acres, including an enormous mansion, a winery, restaurants, acres upon acres of rolling hills, gardens, everything. i like to pretend i'm a vanderbilt when i'm on the property :)

i couldn't have felt more like a vanderbilt today: 
vicki, the owner of my barn, invited me and one other woman to go ride on the trails. we got our horses ready and led them into the trailer. (side note: for the next little bit, saturday has to be in the shop to heal from some minor injuries. so during this hiatus, i've been riding...get this...sunday. sunday is an adorable little pony, who happens to look a lot like sweet saturday!)

ha sunday all locked up

30 minutes later, we pulled up to the estate where we let the horses out to tack up.

now here's where it gets great. during several points on the ride, vicki would turn to me and say 'corinne, this is a great area if you want to trot and canter!' so i'd go on ahead of them and cantered 'till my heart was content. i felt like belle on phillipe, galloping on sunday through the woods with no one else in sight! he had so much pep in his step out there--it was clear he was excited to be ridden outside in nature and not in a ring.

...and the whole time we were there, pink, vicki's 2 year old lab, stayed right next to the last horse, making sure everyone was together and safe :)

i thought i would be taking lots of pictures during the ride but once i got on, i never felt the need to whip it out. next time i'll bring my photog on foot. 

i've decided i just must have horses when i grow up. two horses in a 4 stall barn.
zee life, no?