Saturday, December 24, 2011

christmas wreath gift decoration

i'd like to share this totally cute craft i just did to spruce up some of my gifts this year. it's very easy -- just takes a few to gather your materials and let the glue dry (i used rubber cement but a hot glue gun would be better!)

here's what you'll need:

glue the two paper circles together (so it's thicker) and once dried (only a minute), cut out the center to create the base for the wreath.
one sprig at a time, glue the greens around the paper circle, overlapping to fill in any bare spots.
add a bow using the red ribbon and fini! a totally cute wreath that's perfect for sprucing up a gift.
i also made a tree by using a tree shaped paper cut out and decorated with a few red berries. 

{inspired by this as seen on say yes to hoboken}

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

back east

i'm back on the east coast for winter vacation with my family in connecticut. on friday, hannah and i will drive up to maine to stay at our house on vinalhaven island and meet the parents who are driving up a day early. i'm so excited to be at the house again! on a remote island with close to no entertainment except for what you bring, who you bring and your own creativity, our plan is this: cooking, baking, eating, gift wrapping, lounging, gift giving, cooking, reading, eating, napping, strolling. hannah has already told me she plans to engorge herself to the point of discomfort with christmas day treats and meals.

it's my first time home since moving to san francisco and i'm happy to say that much is the same except for a few things: the cats, who used to be mortal enemies, are now boyfriends who spoon on the same bed and clean each other but still have their occasional hiss fits. zinnia is older than ever -- uber deaf, sometimes hobbles but still very much a part of what's going on. maddie will forever be a puppy, even at her age of 10 (!!). and hannah is now a vegan and a wiz in the kitchen.

{photo by charlene}

Monday, December 19, 2011

make your own ornament chandelier

so unbelievably gorgeous and easy to make for the holidays -- or year round! fill the clear ornaments with glitter, feathers, tinsel, sequins, funky dodads, whatcheveryoulike!

photos from and seen on you are my fave. chandelier by lexy

Thursday, December 15, 2011

gift guide: for the cook (or the sir or ma'am who wants to become one)

1. no kitchen would be complete without a copy of martha stewart's cooking school. great for the beginning chef and the advanced! - $30

2. the ultimate santoku knife. there are many others out there that are cheaper that are just as fabulous, but if you truly want to pamper your chef-y friend, splurge on this - $80

3. cast iron skillets are an awesome addition to any kitchen or camp fire but i draw my hands to my mouth at the sight of these adorable mini skillets! {frolic!} blogger added these cute cards to put inside the pans. j'adorbs! - $4

4. a microplane grater - perfect for grating zests, spices, parmesan, the works  - $15

5. ever since i got into martha (12?), i knew that one of the most useful tools in a well-supplied kitchen was a silpat baking mat. tor, remember saying this aaaalllll the time?! it is indeed a fantastic gift for any chef: cookies bake evenly, sheet pan spills are easy peasy - $20

6. my absolute most favorite favorite latte bowls from anthropologie. they are the perfect size, come in a wide range of lovely colors and are the just right amount of funkyness for a bowl - $5 ** be an even cooler gift giver and include a set of these minis

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

gift guide: for the product junkie

1. the prettiest (and apparently fantastic-est!) makeup remover from benefit - $21
2. the clarisonic mia: every female member of my family has one and each gave me an astounding "yes!!!!!!" when asked if they recommend it! - $119
3. sephora's prestige brush set that includes everything you'll ever need - $125 ... a cheaper (but just as sufficient) collection here and here
4. beauty editors at instyle swear by this remington ceramic curling wand - $30
5. a gentle exfoliating peel by clarins - $24
6. organix moroccan argan oil moisturizing treatment - a delicious hair mask that hannah (a true product junkie) says is fabulous and smells great! - $8
7. oscar blondi's dry shampoo (my friend loves this product) - $19

ps. a great round up of beauty top picks!

Friday, December 9, 2011

lists are lovely

there's nothing like a good list to make me feel settled, organized and on track. sweet laura found this fun website, lists of note, all about lists written by randos and the famous. to set the weekend off right, here are my two favorite lists, one by johnny cash, the other by eero saarinen, architect of the gateway arch in st. louis.

organization is sexy!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

gift guide: for the cold blooded

i decided i'm going to try my hand at a gift guide. let the gift giving begin!

1. my favorite scent: archipelago botanical's petale soy candle - $25
2. w hotel robe from the w store - $125
3. cashmere blend socks from nordstrom - $18
4. tea infuser from crate and barrel - $4.95; loose organic masala chai tea from sf's samovar - $19
5. deliciously warm alpaca throw from crate and barrel - $169

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

tha man caine

love everything about this photo: michael caine's outfit, natalie wood's elegantly (and adorably) pointed feet, fluffy pup in the background and their effortless hold on each other. j'adore. 

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

how to make almond (cashew, hazelnut, brazil nut...) milk

i've been drinking almond milk recently instead of cow's milk yet have never really done the research to learn how it's made. i just came across this beautiful video on victoria's blog about how to make nut milk! so cool and so easy!

Friday, December 2, 2011

night cheese

this sunday, hartley and i are taking a class at workshop, a really neat space that offers a handful of very affordable classes (beer making, cheese making, sewing, screen printing, quilting, etc.) to the public. we're taking a diy cheese class and learning how to make and stretch mozzarella! after signing up, we are now inspired to sing 30 rock's night cheese throughout the class:

love it. 

holiday season at 3rd and clement

i'm certainly one of those people who can get into the holiday spirit with full force -- but never have i gotten into it so soon into the month! i think it started while watching the family stone with friends after our hearty thanksgiving dinner.

the roommates and i decided it was necessary to get a christmas tree for our living room, and boy did we! we set it up and decorated the tree and the mantel, all the while listening to holiday tunes. thrilled to be living with these men who happily let me christmas-out and who also get into the spirit just as much as i do :)

it was the quickest set-up ever: andy had two boxes of christmas gear, complete with lights, ornaments, holiday décor and (two) tree skirts to choose from. we finished the night with a warm fire in the fire place and popcorn while we watched top chef.

the room smells fabulous.