Friday, July 6, 2012

6 Months Later

Well, I have severely neglected writing posts so far the entire year of 2012. So much has been going on! I've very comfortably (and quickly to my surprise) settled into living in San Francisco and couldn't be happier with my new found home.

Six month re-cap in pictures:

Got a job at the Goog. Surreal. I'm working at the HQ in Mountain View, about an hour commute from the city, as a Program Manager in AdWords. I work with a bunch of über-smart Engineers, Product Managers and User Experience Designers (UXD). Hoping soon to get some experience working on the research side of UX. 

Family game nights with my roommates. That's Linden and Tyler above (missing Patrick and Andy). We have a house in the Inner Richmond that happily and comfortably fits all 5 (!!) of us. 

Mom, Dad and Han came to visit me in January. They rented a really sweet apartment in Dolores Heights through VRBO

Took a delicious champagne and cheese pairing class at The Cheese School of San Francisco with Garth

During SF Sketchfest, got to see a live table reading of Wet Hot American Summer with the majority of the cast. A huge deal in my book. 

Though I've been seriously lagging as of late, I joined the SF Center for the Book to finish my basic letterpress certification.

Some final products. 

Also taken a few classes at Workshop, like screen printing and mozzarella cheese making. Another cool extracurricular resource? Check out Skillshare. Classes in every city with just about anything you could want to learn.

Bought myself a bike. Before I got it, I could probably count the number of times I'd ridden a bike on one hand. Now it's two hands. Ha, maybe 3. I still have yet to feel really comfortable and confident, but I'm getting there. I practice with rides from my house, through the park and out to the beach. Stewart has been a very patient and encouraging bicycle partner. 

Gal pals. Truly couldn't have landed a better posse!

Visits to redwood forests.

An obnoxiously picturesque picnic. Still can't get over views of the bridge. 

Lynn came to visit! 

We visited the very cool/very eerie Jean Paul Gaultier exhibit at the de Young.

And bounced till we dropped at House of Air

Ran in a mud run up in Sonoma with Hartley and Emy. It was NO JOKE. 

Another visit from Dad and Sam's family.

Witnessed the wedding of very dear friends, Emmy and Ryan in Knoxville, TN...

...and a month later, that of Brittany and Ben's in Hilton Head, SC. 

A third trip to the East Coast was capped off with a night with Han and singing, dancing Newsies. If you are a fan of the movie and love the ol' Brooooaaadway, What's not to love?!?

Rounds of bowling at the tres cool, Mission Bowling Club. Try their's too good. 

Stewart and I meet up for tennis after work every so often. The court is ridiculous -- it's high atop Russian Hill with views of the bay and the northern part of the city. 

Dolores Park offers free movie viewings all summer long. A couple weeks ago, we went to the sing-a-long of Mama Mia. 

Life is good here. 

Sunday, January 1, 2012


my intuition tells me that this year is going to be a fantastic one -- i've never had such an excited feeling about the beginning of a new year!

this winter vacation has been wonderful -- lots of family and loving on dogs and cats, a beautiful and snowy christmas in maine and frequent trips into new york to play with friends.

i head back to san francisco in two days and i have some very exciting things lined up in just the coming weeks! mom, dad and hannah are visiting for a week and renting a very cool apartment in the mission, two other friends are visiting around the same time, a thrilling job interview is set up for the 4th and several days of open studio time at the letterpress studio. 

chanukah latkes

welcome 2012! i'm very happy you're here!

{top photo from wine enthusiast}