Sunday, January 1, 2012


my intuition tells me that this year is going to be a fantastic one -- i've never had such an excited feeling about the beginning of a new year!

this winter vacation has been wonderful -- lots of family and loving on dogs and cats, a beautiful and snowy christmas in maine and frequent trips into new york to play with friends.

i head back to san francisco in two days and i have some very exciting things lined up in just the coming weeks! mom, dad and hannah are visiting for a week and renting a very cool apartment in the mission, two other friends are visiting around the same time, a thrilling job interview is set up for the 4th and several days of open studio time at the letterpress studio. 

chanukah latkes

welcome 2012! i'm very happy you're here!

{top photo from wine enthusiast}


  1. Whoa those chanukah cakes look awesome! They look like salmon cakes my mom makes.

  2. very cute dogs and nice to see...

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