Saturday, December 24, 2011

christmas wreath gift decoration

i'd like to share this totally cute craft i just did to spruce up some of my gifts this year. it's very easy -- just takes a few to gather your materials and let the glue dry (i used rubber cement but a hot glue gun would be better!)

here's what you'll need:

glue the two paper circles together (so it's thicker) and once dried (only a minute), cut out the center to create the base for the wreath.
one sprig at a time, glue the greens around the paper circle, overlapping to fill in any bare spots.
add a bow using the red ribbon and fini! a totally cute wreath that's perfect for sprucing up a gift.
i also made a tree by using a tree shaped paper cut out and decorated with a few red berries. 

{inspired by this as seen on say yes to hoboken}


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