Tuesday, December 13, 2011

gift guide: for the product junkie

1. the prettiest (and apparently fantastic-est!) makeup remover from benefit - $21
2. the clarisonic mia: every female member of my family has one and each gave me an astounding "yes!!!!!!" when asked if they recommend it! - $119
3. sephora's prestige brush set that includes everything you'll ever need - $125 ... a cheaper (but just as sufficient) collection here and here
4. beauty editors at instyle swear by this remington ceramic curling wand - $30
5. a gentle exfoliating peel by clarins - $24
6. organix moroccan argan oil moisturizing treatment - a delicious hair mask that hannah (a true product junkie) says is fabulous and smells great! - $8
7. oscar blondi's dry shampoo (my friend loves this product) - $19

ps. a great round up of beauty top picks!


  1. great gift guide!! i need that argan oil thing

  2. Great blog Corinne! I love some of these recommendations.

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