Monday, February 28, 2011

la schlep a madrid

i'm flying to madrid today! i leave in just a few hours and i'm beyond excited to be going. the plan is: fly to madrid, arrive in terminal 1, where hannah too will hopefully be landing from paris. i'm day dreaming about coming down an escalator and seeing hannah at the bottom waiting for me :)

we'll cab it to our rental apartment where i will hopefully take a short nap to reboot and recharge mis baterias. 
it's been 4 years since i was in spain last. and never have i been to the city of madrid. can.not.wait. 

more soon!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

state pride necklaces

snag yourself a fun state charm necklace and wear it with pride!
nc charm from etsy
other states from kris nations

green chile biscuits with chorizo and chipotle gravy

i could not be hungrier looking at this photo. couldn't if i tried.

matt bites recipe here, photo from mint

Monday, February 21, 2011

babes on a bike.

cuties! miss you, han.
shall we in morox?

alone at the barn

today was spring from dawn until dusk. i woke up, surprisingly chipper and ready for the day at 8am, ate my usual yogurt parfait and was at work by 9. it was crisp, birds were chirping, the air smelled fresh,  and springtime memories flooded my head. it's such a fun feeling when the seasons change and those sensory memories rush back. a bit of work and a stroll through the botanical gardens with aaron.

after work, i headed straight to the barn where i took saturday out for a short but successful ride. he is just so freaking cute! this was the second time i've been at the barn where i was alone for my ride and had to the lock the place up after i had finished. i cannot explain how peaceful it is out there, all alone, when the only other living souls you see are horses. it's incredibly romantic and i pretend it's my own barn :)

when i left around 6:30, the sun had set but there was still a little light out. it was around 60 degrees, breezy, amazing. such a fantastic day. 

{1, 2, 3}

Saturday, February 19, 2011

carrot cupcakes

i have yet to eat them, but i just finished baking some pretty good lookin' carrot cupcakes!

the recipe was incredibly easy to follow: wet ingredients, dry ingredients, mix, bake, ice.
i'll let you know how they taste once the gang breaks into them later tonight.

i topped the cream cheese icing with shaved carrot, giving them the colorful punch they needed!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

spring time bowls

the arrangement and styling of these bowls is so perfect. quite the collection!

my all time favorite bowls are the latte bowls from anthropologie. 
these are also great--the perfect size. 

who's that laday?

guess who that stunning lady on the right is?

ms. martha herself!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


when it was all ran and done
i did it! i successfully ran (ahem jogged/walked...but only for a little bit!) the 5k this past weekend in black mountain, nc. a small thing for some but it was a huge feat for miss corinne! sporty spice friend lynn ran it with me. we were together in the race for about the first 2 minutes before she turned around to look back at me to give me the supportive "you ok?" look and i waived her on, mouthing that i was and that she could go on. and there she went! and she won 2nd in her age group!

for the past several weeks, i'd been pretty nervous. i hadn't been doing any special training, just been carrying on with my normal workouts. then the day came and i got even more nervous! we pull up to the park and there are all these runner types, wearing their running outfits, looking all runner-y. 

seeing that 3 mile mark was amazing! i couldn't believe it was over--went by fast!

this was my 2011 resolution but i'm going to keep it up and sign up for more throughout the year.
who knew!

Monday, February 14, 2011

red belt, red shoes

cutie cutie cute-cute.
today's 60 something degree weather reminds me that adorable dresses and flats are on their way.

happy valentine's day

{thank you jo, thank you i am baker}

valentine luminary at creature comforts

delicate pearl and gold necklace from the sundance catalogue

adorable 1 bedroom apartment in paris to rent with your lovie

a proper serenade--complete with cute friends in blazers. 

much love!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

ways to knot

how totally rad is this? hermes created this deck of knotting cards to inspire and teach scarf owners how to tie them in dozens of different ways.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

the splendiferous array of culinary tools

such a fantastic kitchen addition!
the chart divides 100 kitchen tools (so many new ones to play with!) into categories, "those that divide", "those that manipulate", "those that protect", etc and then into their further uses.
such a great simple, vintage style.

buy it for only $25 here

{thanks kitchn}

Sunday, February 6, 2011

super/puppy bowl

to me, the best part of the super bowl each year is eating chris's deliciously evil cheesey chili dip. second to the dip is animal planet's puppy bowl. for those of you who have never experienced the puppy bowl (i haven't actually ever experienced the puppy bowl in its entirety since there are people who i'm with who actually want to watch the human game), it's hilarious and adorable. they place a group of killer cute adoptable pups in a small dog-sized football stadium with toys and they just go to town! 
then of course, there is the kitty half-time show. 

for more puppy bowl cuteness, click here

vacation rentals on the brain

hannah and i are staying at two pretty funky apartments when we're in madrid and ever since looking for places, i've become slightly addicted to checking out houses and apartments to rent while on vacation. 

my family has used several times--we found a great place in the lower haight in san francisco back in august and stayed at a super chic apartment in aix-en-provence, france when hannah was living there in college.

even if you're not traveling, it's so fun to check out the options and i can guarantee you that it will inspire you to plan your next trip!

check out this adorable cottage in berkeley

or this artist's farmhouse in arezzo. oy vey. 

some good sites:

Thursday, February 3, 2011


today is the day! 
i've been riding at crosswind farm for some time now, testing out the horses to see who i would like to commit to and lease. the horses have been great but i hadn't quite met my match until they recently acquired saturday.  that is his name. saturday. 
he's absolutely adorable and beautiful. and he loves getting his face brushed. he closes his eyes with each stroke, soaking in the pampering. adorb!
my lease consists of: a lesson per week with my instructor, andrea, plus two additional days when he is completely mine and i can go out and ride on my own and just spend some time with him!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

never had i ever made tamales

8:00 pm - arrive at garth + lindsey's for tamale tuesday

8:15 pm - start the process
soaked the cornhusks for a few minutes
for our chicken filling, sauteed garlic, serrano peppers and tomatillos
mashed it down once the tomatillos were tender enough
cooked for about 30 minutes until it thickened
then added the shredded chicken
mushroom filling mixture

9:15 pm - time to make masa
9:30 pm - assemble
palm full of masa goes on each corn husk
add your filling
tie one end of the tamale closed with strips of corn husk
busy worker bees
steam in a double boiler-like setup with a colander top
when the husk peels away from the inside without sticking, it's done! about 20+ minutes
hot tamale! i advise not using bare hands. to each his own. 
we also made sweet tamales! coconut, raisins and pineapple. uh-mazing. 
11:15 pm - eat!
1:00 am - pass out from over consumption
7:00 am - wake up, finding yourself neked and covered in corn husks