Monday, February 21, 2011

alone at the barn

today was spring from dawn until dusk. i woke up, surprisingly chipper and ready for the day at 8am, ate my usual yogurt parfait and was at work by 9. it was crisp, birds were chirping, the air smelled fresh,  and springtime memories flooded my head. it's such a fun feeling when the seasons change and those sensory memories rush back. a bit of work and a stroll through the botanical gardens with aaron.

after work, i headed straight to the barn where i took saturday out for a short but successful ride. he is just so freaking cute! this was the second time i've been at the barn where i was alone for my ride and had to the lock the place up after i had finished. i cannot explain how peaceful it is out there, all alone, when the only other living souls you see are horses. it's incredibly romantic and i pretend it's my own barn :)

when i left around 6:30, the sun had set but there was still a little light out. it was around 60 degrees, breezy, amazing. such a fantastic day. 

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