Tuesday, February 15, 2011


when it was all ran and done
i did it! i successfully ran (ahem jogged/walked...but only for a little bit!) the 5k this past weekend in black mountain, nc. a small thing for some but it was a huge feat for miss corinne! sporty spice friend lynn ran it with me. we were together in the race for about the first 2 minutes before she turned around to look back at me to give me the supportive "you ok?" look and i waived her on, mouthing that i was and that she could go on. and there she went! and she won 2nd in her age group!

for the past several weeks, i'd been pretty nervous. i hadn't been doing any special training, just been carrying on with my normal workouts. then the day came and i got even more nervous! we pull up to the park and there are all these runner types, wearing their running outfits, looking all runner-y. 

seeing that 3 mile mark was amazing! i couldn't believe it was over--went by fast!

this was my 2011 resolution but i'm going to keep it up and sign up for more throughout the year.
who knew!