Wednesday, December 21, 2011

back east

i'm back on the east coast for winter vacation with my family in connecticut. on friday, hannah and i will drive up to maine to stay at our house on vinalhaven island and meet the parents who are driving up a day early. i'm so excited to be at the house again! on a remote island with close to no entertainment except for what you bring, who you bring and your own creativity, our plan is this: cooking, baking, eating, gift wrapping, lounging, gift giving, cooking, reading, eating, napping, strolling. hannah has already told me she plans to engorge herself to the point of discomfort with christmas day treats and meals.

it's my first time home since moving to san francisco and i'm happy to say that much is the same except for a few things: the cats, who used to be mortal enemies, are now boyfriends who spoon on the same bed and clean each other but still have their occasional hiss fits. zinnia is older than ever -- uber deaf, sometimes hobbles but still very much a part of what's going on. maddie will forever be a puppy, even at her age of 10 (!!). and hannah is now a vegan and a wiz in the kitchen.

{photo by charlene}

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  1. Sounds like a great plan for the holidays. Can your family adopt me so I can come?