Sunday, September 26, 2010


hello all!

i'd like to welcome you to the very first blog post of my very first blog. i've recently had this burning desire to start one and share the goings on in my life and fun and adorable things i find.

since spring, i've been working at a flower shop and have been introduced to some of the most beautiful flowers and arrangements! for my first post, i'd like to show one of the cutest things i've seen recently--pumpkin tree. we got them in the other week and we've been putting them in arrangement and they are just too adorable for words!! the plant goes by many names-- pumpkin tree, pumpkin on a stick, hmong eggplant. it's actually an ornamental eggplant! too cutie! they're so bitty--3 fit in the palm of my hand!

more soon! xox c


  1. Very cool looking! excited for this new blog!

  2. i love these pumpkin trees, i want one!! :)