Tuesday, March 15, 2011

back from vacation: marrakech

hannah and i got back to our respective homes from our almost 2 week vacation in madrid and morocco. it was fantastic! of course, it's never enough time and we want to go back as soon as possible. we've got about a million stories to share but the thought of typing them out exhausts me. looking back at my pictures, i'm so glad to have taken the ones we took but i'm disappointed that i didn't take more! to let myself off the hook a bit, it is difficult to snap photos with a giant camera while touring the crazy streets of a medieval medina.
i suppose i'll share photos in batches, so as not to overwhelm. impossible. 

marrakech medina street

incredible wall and ceiling details in every direction. below are photos from the saadian tombs and the musée de marrakech (to be honest, we found the building far more interesting than the objects displayed).
(molly, i've got some photos to give you for inspiration)

a hike through the atlas mountains and to a series of waterfalls with hassan
waaaay above that same waterfall
hassan's village seen from above
a rug shop within the berber village. we came away with too much...ay!
djemaa el fna square, an overwhelming and incredible place:
fabulous cheap eats, fresh oj, snake charming, henna tatting, fantastic people watching. 
always a cup of thé à la menthe

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  1. i love your pics. sounds like this trip was truly amazing!! keep the coverage coming.