Tuesday, May 3, 2011

spring is for bounce houses

in honor of spring, i threw a party in my back yard -- fun in the sun, good food + drinks and wonderful people. for an added bonus, i rented a castle bounce house (surprisingly for a very reasonable price) -- such a hit! i cannot remember the last time i bounced and it was a blast...but tiring! that was certainly my cardio for the day. i highly recommend it. 

i made a variation of this delicious pesto pasta recipe by the barefoot.

bouncing is exhausting!


  1. gchat told me you didn't get my comment but i said:
    bounce house? amazing!!!!!!!!
    such a good idea
    very entertaining
    the pesto pasta looks so good
    very inspiring idea!!

  2. ohmygoodness, so fun!!! love it. im soo going to do that sometime soon (hopefully with you!)

  3. OHHH looks like such a blast! Great idea again, wifey :]

  4. cor! i have wanted to do this forever! amazing!!