Monday, July 18, 2011

city by the bay

after 7 amazing years in asheville, i've decided it's time to move and try out a new place -- san francisco, california!
have you been? it's incredible. people are happy and friendly, the weather mild, food = amazing. an entirely manageable city: big enough with lots to do yet not exhausting from city hustle and bustle.

as excited as i am to live out there, leaving asheville is going to be a huge deal. it has been my home since i left connecticut for college and i am absolutely in love with it! not to mention i am leaving behind some of the world's b.e.s.t. people. come move with me!
i will miss it like crazy.

but how cool?! san francisco!
here are a few things that make me thrilled to be moving out there.
* the unbelievably steep hills -- forced workouts
{from here} and other ways to break a sweat

humphy slocome ice cream. said to be best ice cream around, with strange-o/awesome sounding flavors like fluffer nutter, kunquat poppy seed, cream cheese chocolate chip and cinnamon brittle 

* mission mural tours (by emy!) with precita eyes mural arts

* recommended cute local boutiques like mira mira and after life and this funky monkey shop, paxton gate, a shop of "treasures and oddities, inspired by the garden and natural sciences"

* the opportunity to take more letterpress workshops and beyond at the san francisco center for the book

* living less than 4 hours from yosemite

* picnics in dolores park

 * eating mexican food like it's my job
* mount tam

* new furniture pieces from stuff sf

* the de younglegion of honor, and academy of sciences museums
{i'll miss the exhibit but check out the video of this gorgeous mosaic flooring from lod, isreal, now on display at the legion of honor}

big sur! nearly two years ago, sam and i drove along highway 1 on the central coast and had such an incredible time, taking stops and short hikes along the way. it's beautiful.

the list goes on and on!
each time i research, i get more and more excited for this next big step. know of  frisco places i can't miss? send them my way!

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