Wednesday, August 24, 2011

check out those mussels!

one of our last days on vinalhaven was spent musseling. none of us had ever "gone mussel-ing" before, but we were told where to go and figured it would be pretty self explanatory once we got there. we arrived at the destination, fully prepared with buckets, boots and raking tools. turns out, no tools were necessary: all we needed were our hands.
the first ten to fifteen minutes were unsuccessful. we knew what mussels looked like but we didn't exactly know how to look for them. 
we were sufficiently empty-handed, frustrated and about to head elsewhere to look when suddenly adam found one...then aaron!
you know that thing when you buy a car, and then you see that car everywhere? or learn that word and all of sudden you see it popping up in almost everything you read? it was like that. once we saw just what we were combing for, it was like mussel city! you couldn't look down without seeing a handful nearby.
the search for mussels quickly became less work for tonight's dinner and more of an exciting treasure hunt. each pull was so satisfying!
we ended up brining waaay too many mussels home for dinner but went to work on cleaning them of their barnacles and beards
we made two batches of broth, one with white wine and another beer. both delish!

nothing like eating your fresh catch!

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