Wednesday, August 3, 2011

visit to frisco

before the big schlep, i'm making a final pre-move visit to san francisco. weather there in august can be kinds of iffy: when i visited a year ago, weather ranged from warm tank top temps to full on fall coat. forecast claims low 60s but i must prepare myself for +/- 10 degrees.  
here are the 6 basic (and rather obvious) essentials i'll need for the trip (and a good excuse to test out my new found cs5 skills!): 

1. layers, layers, layers: since the weather varies so much from neighborhood to neighborhood, it's best to pack layers for your wardrobe. this cable knit j crew sweater is quite nice, especially the metal zipper detail on the shoulder.
2. camera: in the midst of going from meeting to apartment viewing, i must take time to snap some pics of my future city. i love my nikon d3100--takes awesome shots and very user friendly.
3. jeans: i've always had good luck with the real straight jeans at, believe it or not, the gap...last long, classic fit and less than $75.
4. a muni map: though at first overwhelming to look at, the transportation system in san francisco is superb and the bus lines are a must for getting from a to b. then to c, d and finally e.
5. boots: though i can't afford to spend $500 on these perfect frye riding boots, i will certainly be packing my own fantastic pair i got when visiting madrid this past march. sturdy, stylish and quite comfortable for tromping around the city in.
6. lip balm: my new favorite lip balm is eos sweet mint. perfect for those windy, chilly days to come.

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