Monday, August 22, 2011

popsicling like a banshee

hand made popsicles are everywhere these days, and i can totally see why!
i began with the recipe joanna suggested, a greek yogurt and blackberry popsicle. the yogurt recipe is perfectly tart and sweet, and mixes beautifully with just about any fruit. next, i modified it by only a bit, by blending in fresh blueberries with the yogurt mixture instead of just adding whole blackberries. must say: i prefer the former...the consistency was better without the pureed fruit.
my third popsicle recipe is made with the same yogurt base but with ripe georgia peaches and some freshly grated ginger.

after they're properly frozen, i dunk the mold (almost to the top but not quite) in a warm water bath for about 10 seconds. i jiggle the pops from out of the mold, place them into small, clear sandwich bags and tie them with a nice ribbon, like this one.

they're made of good ingredients, low in calories and a perfect refreshing dessert, anytime of the day.

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