Wednesday, December 22, 2010

martha! martha! martha!

it happened. it really happened. i went to the martha stewart show! by some miraculous twist of fate, victoria was awarded tickets and invited me and one day later, i received tickets and invited her! two martha shows in two days! 

the experience was...beyond. it's beyond. a great rush of excitement took over my body as i walked onto the set that i had only ever seen on the small screen. t'was too cool for words. 

on day one, we were given vip tickets and were seated in the second row on the stage floor (as opposed to the stadium seating in the back). we thought it couldn't get better! then came day two. with our "regular" tickets in hand,victoria, hannah and i walked to the stage and were asked how many were in our party. "three!"...."ok..ummm....right this way!". expecting to be placed in the back, the woman looked around a moment at the available seats, walked us passed the stadium seating entrance and right to the front row! the front of all rows! it must have been our strategically chosen martha-inspired outfits. 

where we sat gave us such an insider experience to the taping of the show: the show's production manager got very close and personal as he kneeled right below us, waving cue cards for martha to know she had 2 minutes...1 minute...30 seconds left to finish up the ribbon trees she was making with blythe danner. 

as the crew got ready for the taping, i slipped into dreamland (i'm sure in part induced by the many studio lights) and imagined myself working on the set: adding some seeded eucalyptus to the table with the candles, placing all the craft materials out that martha and guest will need to complete it in the 4 minutes they have and fixing the hanging ornament over the sink that looks a tad off center (oh don't worry, it didn't but just if!). one day! i feel it...

below are a few pictures i took of the experience

vip seating in front of the crating table :)

a section of the bajillion lights above the studio. see the faux water tower in the lower right? 
a peak inside the kitchen
martha's set kitchen

front and center! f.r.o.n.t + c.e.n.t.e.r.
green house set
the domestic diva in the flesh. so fit and svelt!
with victoria + hannah. 3 aspiring marthas. 

shout out to the fourth aspiring martha, artem!


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  1. I love this post. What a fun time. Can't wait to see your post on christmas in vinal. that will be so beautiful. thanks for taking all these photos. that's a great one of us. i linked to your post on my blog!