Thursday, December 30, 2010

oh happy day christmas

oh happy day! writer, jordan, posted pictures of her j'adorable christmas. all the animal toys laid out and marching towards the tree and the teepee set up with a balloon covered carpet reminds me so much of how my parents decorated our house for christmas morning (and still do!). 

hannah or i would wake up and whoever woke up first, would stir the remaining sleeping sister. we'd make our way, hands cupped around our eyes like blinders so as not to spoil the surprise,  downstairs to the parents' room. the four of us head to the living room which was always set up spectacularly, in a new and creative way each year. one year, the ceiling was covered in waves of wrapping paper, another where the windows were covered in red tissue and paper snowflakes, another when a ribbon tied to our door knobs with candy canes every few inches, led us to the decorated room. we're 22 and 24 now. . . do they have to stop?!?! 

picture from oh happy day!

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