Wednesday, January 5, 2011

i resolve to

happy new year! how have your first few days of 2011 been? i feel quite refreshed after lovely vacation time at home in connecticut and maine. 

last year, my resolution was to get fit. i was committed to working out 3-5 times a week, and fun workouts too! i mixed tennis once a week, my urban hike up the mountain in my neighbourhood, spin class and swimming at the y and pilates. i also stuck to eating better. once i got on the right eating track, it was easy! not to say i didn't crave all things awful and bad for me, but the cravings greatly diminished (as did the actual giving in!) and i could make smarter, healthier choices that would still satisfy me.
**update: just went on my first urban hike since, i believe, before thanksgiving: r.o.u.g.h.

for 2011, my resolution is to run a 5k. a small thing to a runner but it's quite a big deal for me! over the next couple weeks, i'm going to attempt to train for one in black mountain, nc on february 12th. this will be my practice round...just to see what a 5k actually feels like! if you're in the asheville area and want to participate with me, click here.

i would also like to get more organized at home and these photos are so inspirational!


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  1. i die for those organizers! j'adore the plastic pouches for extra buttons and thread (what are you SUPPOSED to do with those things before you need them!?!) and the drawer of pretty bowls for jewelz.
    why does room raiders always come to mind? ok, if you were on room raiders, and your life was as organized as those pix, would the raider love you for your ingenuity and tidiness, or think you were ocd and freakish? TOUGH QUESTION, YEAH?!