Thursday, January 20, 2011

youz a simple...

hannah has been trying to get some hobbies while often alone in her french mountain village. two days ago, she struck gold: she's now a bonafide bloggette. now maybe i'm biased (no...i don't think i am), but hannah is one of the funniest writers i have ever read. back when i was making a monthly newsletter, i was always so thrilled to have hannah work on a piece because not only are her stories well written but they c.r.a.c.k. me up like no others!
in her new online adventure, hannah tells stories about people she's met, her roomate tp, recent revelations, cool musings, anything.

to check out the hilarity first hand, visit her new blog.

now, if you don't know hannah, you may find her colloquial jargon...challenging. let's be honest, even if you do know hannah, you might still find it challenging. i suggested a key terms sheet.

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  1. love it! love hanz. sounds like shes having an amazing time!! I want to visit with you!