Wednesday, January 19, 2011

madrid y marruecos

over christmas, hannah and i decided we wanted to meet up over her 2 week vaca from school in march, and today, i bought the ticket. we're going to meet in madrid, spend a couple days, then fly into marrakech, morocco. i can't wait! i haven't been to spain since the semester i lived there (4 years ago!) and i've in fact never been to madrid! i just bought the time out guide book to madrid which will get us around wonderfully i'm sure. went a little overboard and bought several books on morocco. 

i'm getting so excited to eat... mmmm shawarma...

have any of you gone to madrid or morocco and have recommendations for places to eat, walk to, visit, stay, etc.?

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  1. you know, it was in madrid, the year was 2000, when a toothless old man grabbed my hand and told maria how pretty i was. i remember that event like it was yesterday. all i can think is, LOLITA.
    but i am still soooo pumped to go!