Monday, January 24, 2011

grilled cheese party

last monday, i threw a grilled cheese party at my house inspired by an old post. 15 friends came over, bringing with them a variety of ingredients. we had several loaves of bread, 8 (!) different cheeses, veggies like tomato, avocado, greens + onions, bacon, tuna, the works.
everyone had a great time and it was so fun picking out our choice ingredients, making our snazzy sandwiches and grilling them up. i also made a delicious tomato soup for dipping! 

gorgeous grilled tomatoes and garlic

we somehow hilariously made our way into the local paper! my fear of sounding like a lame, grilled cheese-obsessed fatty was realized but that's show biz, kid!


  1. pretty much... adorable and has me wanting to make a grilled cheese right NOW!

  2. wow. i can't believe they wrote an article about you! amazing work, "longman". great party idea!

  3. -i feel famous!

  4. oh my GARRDDD i wish i had been there!! i would have used the following ingredients:
    -2 fat pieces of a thick, seedy, multigrain bread
    -3 slices of avocado
    -there's this AMAZE cheese here called mimolette (i prefer it nice and aged) and i woulda used that. mimz is comparable with gouda, i suppose.
    -red onions
    -sautéed spinach and garlic..or is that going CRAZY!?!

  5. this is an amazing idea for a party! what better way to celebrate than with the best meal good friends grilled cheese and tomato soup :)

    wish i could have been there! and can i have your autograph??