Friday, December 17, 2010

what a package!

thanks to nice package and a number of other great blogs that have written about wrapping presents, i want this year's christmas to be my best wrapping job yet!

things i'll need:
* several types of wrapping paper: glitzy, some plain and simple, holiday (candy canes or trees) and one for funny boys

* cute and funky ribbons: very handsomebeautiful grosgrain and velvet. or wrapped bakers twine.

* good scissors and tape

* wrapping ideas... 

ridiculously cute! from creature comforts
pom pom topper from nice package (my new obsession)
(or: a twig, a sprig of pine, a holly branch, a fall leaf, etc.)


more wrapping ideas from martha stewart, pages 113-136 of the online gifted magazine
and learn how to cut a paper snowflake!


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