Friday, October 28, 2011

conservatory of flowers


another gorgeous day here in the bay so i took advantage of the warm weather and walked to the conservatory of flowers in golden gate park. i've been seeing signs all over the city for an exhibit of theirs called wicked plants: botanical rogues and assassins  -- tres apropos for the upcoming holiday. the exhibit was inspired by a book of the same name by amy stewart, and some of her wonderful writing and information was cleverly mounted throughout the show. the book discusses dozens of wicked plants: those that kill, those that maim and those that just make you sick and icky. my copy of the book is in the mail!

in addition to the fascinating plantae-assassin exhibit, the conservatory is gorgeous and their stunning dahlia garden was still in bloom!


  1. that looks awesome!!! add that to the list of places we will go when i visit...