Wednesday, October 19, 2011

explore my hood: the inner richmond - clement street

i quickly discovered that i live in an awesome, easy breezy part of the city called the inner richmond. there are two main drags but my favorite by far is clement street. it's also fantastically convenient that i live just on the corner of it :)

the inner richmond feels like a real community: unpretentious, lively yet comfortable, and a mix of all ages, complete with great little spots to eat, get coffee, find a good book or pick up those groceries that slipped your mind.
last week's weather was beyond so i strolled around with my camera to snap some photos of the blocks near my house and my favorite shops. welcome to clement street!

great pizza to be had at giorgio's on 3rd ave
there exist over a dozen small chinese markets along clement, selling goods from fruit and veggies (some i've seen, some i've never before seen) to crazy interesting herbs and spices.

in just a few short weeks, i've become a devoted customer of the blue danube coffee house, just two blocks from my own. here they serve all kinds of coffee and tea drinks, smoothies, and have an extensive breakfast and lunch menu for such a small shop. plus, they sell oreos for $.25 and madeleines for $.75 -- cute!

directly across the street from the blue danube is burma superstar, a suuuper popular burmese restaurant that you will 9 out of 10 times wait in a line for an hour...on a week day. but it's totally worth it! there is however, another option than waiting: just two blocks downs is their sister restaurant, b star. much of the menu is the same, things are a bit cheaper and the line is usually much shorter!

or, you can kill the hour wait by grabbing a drink at either the plough and the stars or the bitter end-- both dark, pubby bars with reasonably priced drinks (bluegrass and trivia nights to boot!)
kamei restaurant supply: they have everything you would need to fully stock your kitchen (minus heavy duty appliances). you need a set of pretty bowls? check! you need a bonsai for your dining table? check! paper lanterns to light up that blah corner of the living room? check!
a true 'frisco landmark is green apple books -- you can pop in, spend a few minutes and just poke around or you could easily get lost in the stacks and stacks of books and music for hours. definitely worth the trip!

et voilà! a short 5 block tour of my new neighborhood. so thrilled i just happened to get a great house in the heart of it all, without even knowing its true cooldom!


  1. Corinne! I was just in the Liz Stanley webinar with you... didn't realize you were in SF! Me too!

  2. love your new hood! i feel like i just got the grand tour, its adorb. and now im super full from the yummy burmese food, pizza, and too much coffee ;) hopefully see it sometime soon in person!! <3