Thursday, October 27, 2011

the mighty pen

i am a very picky pen user. i have my favorite pens that i use and they are my tried and true marking makers. isn't everyone particular about their pens? 

the precise v5 extra fine: my all time, all time fav. i have them in every color. my hand writing always turns out the best and clearest with this pen for some reason..maybe i just strive to make it look good when the pen is so good! warning and only downside: if you're sort of rough with your bag, i often find that the pen can get banged up a bunch and bleed on you when you remove the cap. blech. 

stabilo pens: when hannah was living in france, she bought me a set and i love them! i always have such fun when i write and draw with them and they come in a great range of bright and mild colors. 

lepen markers: martha says she keeps them in every color by every phone. they're cheap (less than $2/pen) and if martha loves them, i love them. 

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  1. i am also particular about pens but the ones i like are so hard to find. i like a very think ball point pen so that the ink flows very quickly. the best feeling is when the ink just flows out like magic when you barely touch it to the page. i'd love to have an enormous set of colored pens one in every shade of the 500. soo satisfying. great post!!