Sunday, October 9, 2011

im back!

much has been going on the past while, but i have been an absolute slacker in the blogging department.
  i moved from my beloved home in asheville to san francisco. as you can imagine, a cross country move is rather involved, so the past month+ has been filled with packing, packing, donating, packing, selling, packing, shipping, unpacking, unpacking and settling.
my room here in san francisco is almost complete and i'm looking forward to when it looks good enough to take photos and post them here. 

i arrived in the bay almost two weeks ago. hannah flew in from new york to help me get things together and cripes! did we work. in terms of furniture, i needed everything. we scouted daily, several times a day. i don't like living in an unfurnished place, so i found myself nearly buying items just because they were there. in the end, i made wonderful furniture decisions: by saying no to things that were fine but really weren't perfect and actually settling on pieces i love. t.g. hannah was there to help rationalize the purchases. 

luckily, i only needed to furnish my bedroom (the rest of the house is thoroughly furnished in every way), so i've recently added a desk (being also used as a vanity) and a cute embroidered chair to go with, two book shelves, a bed, two night stands and lamps. aside from the obnoxious primary colored window curtains, the room is shaping up quite nicely!

talk soon!

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  1. Hi, fun to meet you in the forum yesterday!

    I'll enjoy the East Coast autumn for you, and you take advantage of the wonderful San Francisco shopping for me?

    If you're still looking for furniture, etc., the Alameda Flea Market is coming up on the first Sunday of November, and it is killer.

    xo Miranda