Wednesday, November 9, 2011

alameda antiques faire

at the suggestion of fellow webinar-er, miranda from one little minute, my roommates and i checked out the alameda antiques faire. this uh-mazing event happens the first sunday of every month and it is absolutely worth the 30 minute drive from the city.

i went there with the hope of finding a mirror for my bedroom and walked out with a fabulous one (and two spools of colored bakers twine), and at a decent price, too! i was impressed with the price ranges for goods -- even for san francisco, things weren't too crazy.

check out the fun finds!

ps. if you click on miranda's post about shopping in sf, she writes about the fabulous ribbonerie...that's my next stop! it's conveniently 9 blocks from my house!! thank you, miranda!


  1. Oh my, I wish I could have been there! I flew home from the bay area Saturday to enjoy one weekend day with my hubs. I'm glad you got to experience the glory of Alameda Flea!

    Per your post I checked out Kamei-and it's a new must-stop when I'm in town! I came away with several awesome things that I didn't need...and one or two that I did:) That's how you know it was an inspiring trip, when there are things you simply can't leave on the shelves.

    Thanks to you!

  2. Nice Asheville shoutout! I want to make a window out of those magnifying glasses.

  3. ohhh man! When I come visit, we are definitely going there!!!

  4. ohmigaw. i i i wanna go oh oh all the way ay ay.

    must get my hands on those vintage suitcases! i was just reading about how they're good feng shui--combo of style and storage! and lord knows it's not THAT you store, but HOW you store.