Friday, November 4, 2011

the beauty of unemployment

though i did just land myself a small part-time gig with where traveler-san francisco (!!), i'm still very unemployed. blech.

in the meantime, i should be taking advantage of my free time! (please note: "free time" = time when i'm not emailing and researching jobs). though i often get down on myself and feel rather guilty about my situation, it's helpful for me to think of a few things: a. i am in san francisco at the peak of their good weather (yesterday was a bad example for it was rather gloomy and drizzly). b. i have a decent amount of savings and it's not time to fear bankruptcy. c. when's the next time i'll have this time?! once a job comes, and it will come, i will be a busy bee, jealously smiling at the memories of when i first moved to the bay and had to come up with daily outings and adventures. 

yesterday was a perfect example: after getting some work done, i went to meet a friend at samovar tea lounge. assuming the bus would take longer than it did, i arrived at the place 30 minutes before our date and had time to stroll. i google-phoned my local and discovered i was within blocks of the main part of hayes valley - a chic, preppy neighborhood with cute boutiques, cafes and fancy furniture shops. some fun findings:
fabulous table, chairs and chandelier from cisco home

cute holiday sculptures from lavish

antique pie safe from zonal home

thought this was a neat, easy way to display sunglasses - them too at lavish.
another neat way found here.

i love a good neighborhood tour. 

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  1. preach!! love the pie chest-- had one very similar in my old apt.