Tuesday, November 29, 2011

making with maps

i am endlessly entertained by maps and there are just about a million things you can make with them. why not for the holidays, buy yourself a cheap world atlas or map of the united states and make presents for friends and family. use places that hold special memories, locations with interesting names or funky geographical markings!

i've put together a short round-up of ideas to get the ball rolling.
seen at studio gilead
map lamp from college life diy
map magnets seen on let birds fly
map coasters seen on martha stewart
wall art project seen on the painted hive
charm by the pendant emporium

the possibilities are limitless! more ideas: mod podge plain ornaments, remove the hardware from a drawer or dresser and cover the front, turn a plain box into a map-covered memory box, map envelopes, maps as wrapping paper, etc. 

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