Tuesday, November 1, 2011

ticket: check!

a follow up to my post about waking early to wait in line for martha's new entertaining book...

as planned, i took an early bus this morning to macy's downtown. expecting a bit of craze, i found myself alone at the front door. luckily, there is a boudin bakery just next door, so i sat with my 3rd hunger games and a cup of coffee and tried to read while keeping a watchful eye on the door -- just in case the hordes start lining up all of a sudden. i'm still alone and about an hour later, i fear the worst has happened: maybe there is another entrance around the block and people are lining up there! gathered my things, walked around the block and there waiting out front are 5...only 5 people! where are the devoted martha fans out here?! i peeked a look through the locked doors which in turn, triggered the friendly 5 to say "here for martha??" my people! yes, they certainly are. friendly, funny, excited they were -- one had even gotten to the store front at 6:30am expecting a mad-house. de-vo-tion. 

needless to say, we were all certainly well within the 200 persons cap. phew! we as a collective martha fan group have a tentative plan to get there early again to get the best seats in the house for the cooking demo. i will be bringing a delish, martha breakfast treat. 


  1. Ha! So glad you got it!

  2. lols much!! your people. martha 4 eva!!