Tuesday, November 1, 2011

travel map

children's book author and illustrator, oliver jeffers, has made a limited edition map of the world that looks just awesome hung up on the wall. love the simple and stylized line drawing -- makes me want to stick it with everywhere i've been! the print comes with 4 bulldog clips, nails and a box of 50 orange pins plus one red and one blue (for where you live now and where you plan to live next). cute, no?

side note: after my post the other week about interesting ways to display art, i've started noticing how others are doing it and i really love this idea of using bulldog clips. i saw a large print hung by the same method at the sf center for the book and i think that it's going to be the perfect way to hang my moroccan rugs. 

{found via hither and thither. pictures and purchase from here at you and me the royal me}

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