Thursday, October 7, 2010

dog chapel

artist, furniture maker, illustrator and author, stephen huneck, created this dog chapel near his home in st. johnsbury, vt as a place for dogs and their owners to go for 'quiet reflection and spiritual renewal'. how sweet is that?! a sign in front reads: "welcome: all creeds, all breeds. no dogmas allowed." adorable!
here is the ny times article about the late creator. planning a trip to to st. johnsbury for a cleanse with maddie and zinnia :)

happy chapel goers leave after quiet meditation

the walls of the petite chapel are covered in notes from owners about loved pets past

stephen's wife, gwen, walks to the chapel with dogs in tow. notice the dog-head picket fence!
my maddie (blonde) and zinnia (brunette) in vinalhaven, me.  they're very pensive pups.

xoxo coco

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  1. LOVE that pic of the pups! Mine never seem to stand still long enough :) Maybe Blue does but not the little saki-baby-puppy-friendly-waby puppies!