Monday, October 18, 2010

i love letterpress

i took a weekend letterpress workshop in august and fell in love! it's such an involved (and to start, slow) process that i found it very meditative and peaceful. i was able to go work in the space again the other day and worked on some cards. here are a few pics i took while at bookworks :)

first, i chose the type size and font and put together my text and images

headed to the press (one on either size of the wooden furniture holder)

i picked out my ink color and warmed it up by mushing it around for a minute or so

once i placed the type on the press, i arranged furniture pieces (various sized wooden pieces that hold the type in place on the press) around it and started to add ink to the rollers

after a few test runs, i needed to re-arrange the furniture a couple times to make sure the paper i fed through the rollers would fall where i wanted over the type
and voilà! the finished product

i've made several other simple cards that i will take photos of and post soon. i'm always looking for cute phrases or quotes to work on you have some good ideas for me? 

xox cor


  1. cor!! you are so adorable. i love this.

    you ARE the bomb.

  2. so cute! hallmark has serious competition. what about "you were in my dream last night". i would buy a stack of those--i always want to tell people when they're in my dreams! keep being your artistic talented cute self ;)