Monday, October 18, 2010

get the look: homey home

who doesn't know about etsy? well, dearest calee introduced me to the etsy blog the other week and it's great! really inspiring. yesterday's post is particularly so: makes me want to redecorate my entire house! check out the adorable bungalow below and the fun finds they suggest to get the look!

1. i'm so envious of people who actually live in nearly clutter-less homes! i think i'm giong to do a feng-shui, de-clutter-athon later today
2. the soft, mutted colors of the majority of her pieces and walls are so cozy, not cold or stuffy, and the pops of color make the rooms so inviting
3. loving stripes
4. a simple flower arrangement really adds so much to a room


ps. a bunch more pictures found here...the house just gets better and better!

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