Sunday, October 24, 2010

smash cake

while watching the barefoot yesterday, i was in awe of her guest, chocolatier brigitte browney's, smash cake. it's a giant cupcake form made entirely of chocolate, filled with more chocolate! ina was given a small wooden malet to smash the cupcake apart and retrieve some goodies from inside--fun!

i figure that this is a totally do-able household project when done on a smaller scale...get a cupcake mold (two separate pieces, a bottom + a top piece...or whatever shape you want), and coat twice with your favorite melted chocolate mixture. cool for about 15 mins in fridge (keep an eye out for don't want the mold to crack from the cold). after you've made the two molds, fill the bottom portion with your favorite treats: truffles, wrapped candy, choco bark, small gadgets, whateva!

once you've filled it, use some more melted chocolate to use as glue and pop on the top. decorate to your liking.

how easy was that? (ina fans? get it? anyone?)

xx, c


  1. 'this is going to be fabulous." ohhhh ina....

  2. How did yours turn out? Happy Valentine's Day to all the chocolate fans out there!
    - Brigitte

  3. I loved the idea too and am about to try it. I'm hoping a silicon giant cupcake mould will do, but if it fails, I can always eat the chocolate!

  4. How funny, FN ran this again today and I too was in AWE! I am totally going to buy a mold and do this for birthday gifts! Who wouldn't want to smash a big cupcake on purpose?! Although, one would have to be careful to warn recipients to take care with the mallet. Thanks for the quick rundown!