Friday, October 22, 2010


i am so hungry right now and all i want to do is devour everything from radish! located on bedford ave. in brooklyn, the newly opened restaurant features prepared foods made with seasonal ingredients and products. what an extensive menu! i could really go for some of their orzo with kale pesto + goat cheese, a cup of brooklyn clam chowder and some roasted pumpkin salad...
adore the country store look
their chalkboard with gorgeous hand-painted seasonal foods

they sell the classic proven├žal market basket and now their chic yet utilitarian aprons

check out their facebook page for additional photos to entice you even more.

all you new york readers, head to bedford and report back!
xox, c

(photos via facebook and radish)

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  1. this one was for me :) walking over there asap! xoxo c