Friday, October 29, 2010

tiny houses

how cool are these tiny houses?! jay shafer, the creator of tumbleweed tiny house company, chose to build and live in a tiny home after he started worrying about the impact he was having on the environment by living in a larger home. he now lives in less than 100 square feet of space!

the tiny houses have wheels and can go just about anywhere an rv can. imagine taking your home with you across the country and stopping at some of the most gorgeous natural places in the us.

i would love to stain the wood a darker color and for the kitchen, find some bright colored tiles to make a back splash.

a video tour of jay's tiny house.



  1. perfect, for a Life Size Barbie. makes me feel claustrophobez just looking at it. where does this man keep all his stuff?

  2. Tiny houses are one of the cutest inventions that I love in today's generation. I like them because they're very advantageous for people like me who enjoy wandering and seeing different parts of the country. I can stay in a certain area whenever I want to, and if I want to move around, I can do that as well. It's simply amazing! :D

    Chassidy Bednarz

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