Monday, November 22, 2010

how easy is that?

i just went out and bought a copy of the barefoot contessa's newest book, how easy is that?, and it's wonderful. true to form, the book is full of recipes that look deeevine (she thanks her food stylist, cyd mcdowell and prop designer, robert rufino--what cool jobs!). her recipes are never too difficult but she has really pared them down for this cookbook, allowing a friday dinner or appetizer to truly be made with ease.

i'm drooling over her french toast bread pudding (only 7 ingredients!), the savory ceour a la creme (again only 7!), jeffrey's roast chicken and some sausage-stuffed mushrooms. maybe not all together:)

ina + her husband jeffrey, to whom she dedicates the book. oommgg they are soo cute!

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