Tuesday, November 2, 2010

my awesome friend: victoria n.

ode to victoria:

tor and i have been friends for years, going on 16 now. (ye gads! as mr. lodge would say). we are very differnt individuals but we fully and thoroughly understand, respect and entertain each other.

i give her the best listener award. and the honest advice giver award, too. and she's hilarious and beyond brilliant. i believe she is the one who really got me into martha! and archie comics.

she also has a very cool blog and was an integral part of me starting my own. below are a few cool posts from her beauitful, clever and charming dr. burnshead blog.

october 28 - crystal caverns

october 25 - martha throws a party

"The only thing missing in the whole Martha Stewart Living empire is a sense that Martha is having fun while decorating, living in her houses, cooking, baking, animal keeping, gardening, crafting, and entertaining. She undertakes everything with such seriousness and thoroughness that you have to wonder how much of her life is work and how much brings her happiness and joy. I always had the sense that Martha is just a serious person and doing all these things really does make her happy, but you never get the sense Martha is an amazing warm kind hostess who makes everyone feel at home and welcomed. I like that about Martha— she is kind of weird and awkward and she is still successful, but I want to see her happy!
I like these pics from her blog because it looks like behind the scenes Martha is really having a great time at her parties."

october 19- the pioneer woman's blog

 "more mustang"

 "a velvety ear of their puppy"

    "i think i would have loved to grow up on a farm"
"better than jumping from hotel bed to hotel bed"

love you tor!
xo, cor

{photos and quoted text via dr. burnshead}


  1. i love this!! ode to tor, ode to tor!

  2. OH my god!!! thankyou so much. this is so amazing. the feeling is mutual!! love you cor!