Wednesday, November 17, 2010

my awesome friend: molly rose freeman

how to start about miss molly rose?! well, she has become one of my dearest friends here in asheville, i gush about her to just about everyone i know, she's got talent shooting out the wazoo and is not only beautiful but smart and hilarious to boot! she's the total package. have i embarrassed you enough mollz?? i could go on but i'll get down to business.

i'd like to share two of her sites with you: 1. her more professional site, which has pictures of her beautiful and sun-drenched studio in the river arts district, images from her portfolio and some tidbits about the gal herself. 2. her blog, art&pictures&patterns.

molly is a pattern lover to the max, always appreciating details and creating her own intricate designs. her color choices are almost always bold, bright and brilliant (hot pink being a particular favorite as you'll soon see from the pictures below :))

the two of us will be meeting in miami over the first weekend of december to party in the city where the heat is on and to attend art | basel | miami beach events, show cases and exhibits. she's going down a week before the festival begins with a handful of other asheville artists and muralists to create a project for the show. so excited to see the final product!

outside of roots studio

her self portrait--made during her high schools days at nc school of the arts. ie. a fame school.

awe chute


umbrella tree

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