Wednesday, November 3, 2010

pumpkin carving

this past thursday, some v.i. loved ones and i carved pumpkins to get ready for halloween (and to ready my front porch...thanks to all who contributed to the stoop!). it was such a blast!


garth's patrick swayze lifting jennifer grey in dirty dancing :)
molly's flowery patterned pumpkin
my headless horseman

once you get the right tools, the whole process is much easier. i highly recommend using certain ones, usually all included in a pumpkin carving kit from the grocery store. these are my favs: a tiny saw, a small scraper and a poking tool. 

from here

some other useful tools you may not have thought of using are: a melon ballera power drill or a linoleum cutter (maybe you've used one before to cut away at rubber stamps in art class??)

creepy halloween pics to come!

xox, c

{photos via the wonderful aaron d.}

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