Sunday, November 14, 2010

what a wonderful weekend!

such a fantastic weekend! i'd say the fun started on thursday: i worked in the morning and was able to get the afternoon off to go to bookworks and play around with type. new cards in the works!

after letterpress, i hightailed it to crosswind farm, where i've been taking horseback riding lessons! i've been considering leasing a horse and just how dreamy does it sound to go to the barn a couple times a week, take my horse out and ride off into the sunset. i've ridden all of the horses available for lease and now i'm trying those i connected with a couple more times before i settle on one.

friday i worked in the am, and then back to letterpress! then came saturday...

for my birthday back in september, my fantastic friends, anna and lynn, sent me on a mini scavenger hunt throughout the house to find my present. the gift, in addition to a copy of the locally published sweet nothings, was the promise of a future, more elaborate, hard-core scavenger hunt! 

a month or so later, lynn demanded i take off work on a saturday..."no, no, nothing, you just need to be available on saturday". after much head scratching, it clicked! so yesterday around 4pm, daniel, aaron, katie, adam, ashley, anna and lynn came to my house. surprise! i was so happy to have such awesome friends a part of it! made the hunt that much better. 

we split into two teams and were given our first clues. for the next while, we ran around all over asheville, hunting for the next clues, collecting the items we needed along the way and doing the silly acts we had to record and send to the coordinators. f.u.n!!!

the last clue led us back to my house and to no surprise, my team won :) ouch! already laid out were chips with dip and salsa and coronas with patiently waiting anna and lynn. 

thank you so much girls, that was so fantastic!!!!

to top off the evening, lynn and i were able to get into a sold out show of the kids are alright at the brew & view (dear lordy that mark ruffalo is such a hunk!) and then danced the night away at the prom with all my friends!

goodness i love asheville and friends :)

(exclamation point count for this post: 18)


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