Monday, November 29, 2010

thanksgiving highlights

table setting inspired by the barefoot

sausage-stuffed mushrooms (comment for recipe!)...too good.

patient, hungry pets :)

hannah joined in on the festivities from france! we miss you!

handmade desserts -- tart, banana bread, baklava

hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving!


  1. this all looks too good. and look at that waybe with his model stare. oh geez.

  2. 1) someone made baklava?
    2) my hunger is so obvious...even through the computer through a photo of me on the computer!
    3) ok, i mean, what gives with waybe's lack of photogenix? yolly is not normally a stud in pix, but he really takes the cake with this cute rolling on his back and rolling his eyes thing...speaking of eye rolling, i think i accidentally taught waybe how to DEATH GLARE, and he's taking it to a whole new level.
    4) everything on that table looks perfect.

  3. Han, I really don't know what you are talking about here. Waybe is literally that cat's pajamas here. He looks so sexy and mysterious. I could eat him. And then rest of the food.

  4. WHAT would we do if waybe was a REAL man? besides fight over him...

    who would win?

  5. I would win and the second photo with Hannah in it is HILARIOUS.

  6. looks great cor!! wish i could have seen you but i went skiing with my fam